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the difference between models of shredder machine

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1. distinguish from the appearance

Different models of shredders differ in appearance and can be distinguished from appearance. For example, a small household shredder is usually simple in appearance, simple in operation, small in size, easy to carry and store; The commercial large shredder is usually larger, more complex appearance design, with a variety of buttons and control functions.

2.  distinguish from the power

The shredder needs to consume a certain amount of energy when working, so the power is also an important indicator to distinguish different models. Different types of shredder power is different, according to the use of demand to choose the appropriate power can improve the work efficiency and prolong the life of the machine. For example, the power of small household shredders is usually between 2 and 4 HP, while some commercial large shredders can reach more than 10 HP.

3. distinguish from the performance

The performance of the shredder is also an important aspect to distinguish the model, different models of shredder have different performance. Users can choose suitable models according to their needs. For example, some high-end models of shredder can not only deal with paper and documents, but also deal with hard materials such as hard disks and burned CDS, with a larger working range and stronger adaptability.

4. other factors

In addition to appearance, power and performance, there are some other factors that can be used to distinguish different models of shredder, such as price, service life, ease of maintenance, etc. Users can consider these factors according to their needs and budget when purchasing the shredder, and choose the model suitable for them.

The above is from the appearance, power and performance aspects of the shredding model number distinction method. Hope to help users choose the right shredder, improve work efficiency and service life.



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